I am a creative thinker, media maker and technology maven with deep roots in music, writing, filmmaking and design. I pride myself on being able to imagine ideas across multiple channels and am currently exploring the intersection of experience design, new media and business innovation. Over the course of the last decade, I have played key roles on dozens of creative projects and have held permanent positions at a video marketing agency, online learning company and an independent film distributor. These experiences have provided me with opportunities to work with and learn from a wide variety of people and bring valuable ideas to life.


BABEL--TrendReport--Cover-update-Aug8-16I recently completed a Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona. The  program combined two post-graduate degrees: Coolhunting, Design and Global Trends + Innovation & Design Thinking. In each semester groups were formed and paired up with companies to address a business challenge. In the first semester, I worked with Reimagine Food, a global food and beverage consultancy and start-up incubator to identify the top trends in food biohacking growing in Europe. In the second semester, I worked with La Innovation Kitchen, a spin-off company of Design Thinkers Spain to help develop an educational program targeting professionals who want to gain skills in entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship in a hands-on learning environment.


backbone5As a designer, I have worked in print, web and motion and am in proficient in layout, logo design, packaging and posters. Equally technical and creative, I can bring ideas to life quickly and seek early feedback in order to assure the results surpass client expectations.

Film / Video

woman waiting set, jan 2010

When I finished high school, I initially wanted to study audio engineering but opted instead for communications at Washington State University. After two years, I decided to switch schools and programs and moved to Vancouver, BC to study film. After graduating with Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Film Program at University of British Columbia, I worked first as an editor, then cinematographer and later, director. My camera and editorial work have been screened at numerous festivals including Berlin, TIFF, SXSW, Ann Arbor, DOXA, FIFA and the Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival.


10669099_10101111992435251_7016221849846923597_oFor over a decade, I have been compulsively snapping shots with both digital and film cameras, drawn to form, texture and light. Photography fills me with joy and informs all of my creative practices. It is a constant study of the world I live in and a personal research method of space, place and life’s fleeting magic.




At the core of my media practice is a curiosity and a hands-on learning approach. I like to tinker with things, take things apart, repurpose and explore new techniques. Some of these experiments make it into projects, while others may provide an understanding of how to bridge the gap between two or more mediums.